Pair of Buddhist Disciples

Thailand, late 18th century, gilt bronze with mirored glass, height 40 inches.

In Hotel Lobby


  Worn and weathered surface.


   Front detail of knees.



Side detail of base surface and foot. Note active corrosion.


Recieved statues with the old restoration (1970s) layers removed and resealed/treated by an objects conservator.

Surfaces had been inappropreately sealed/painted and required an additional 100 man hours to sand out clear coat and black paint layers. All areas were then resealed, with any exposed metal areas first being treated with benzotriazole followed with multiple coats of Incralac lacquer.


After first round of sanding newly applied surface coatings.

Each statue was then sized and gilded with extra heavy (~23 gms/1,000 leaves) 23 kt gold leaf.



As finished.
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