Mahogany and Walnut veneered Side Chair

Accession # 98.7.3.J3

Mission Houses Museum
533 South King Street
Honolulu, Hawai'i 96813

CONDITION: Specific areas of concern. Proper left side of crest rail-to-back post broken; previously repaired. Front outer section of curved molding missing; crack across front of inset below crest rail.  Side of joint cracked with losses.  See below.


TREATMENT: Effected areas cleaned of accretions/adhesive residues and removed remaining fragment of old repair. Fabricated replacement section of molding, chemically bleached and finished to match the color as well as finish qualities to that of the surrounding areas.  Filled cracks and losses to side (isolated with a coating of Acryloid B-72 ® resin) with a mixture of tinted - phenolic and silica microballoon filled epoxy resin.  French polished over repairs with orange shellac.


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