Conservation of late 19th century Queen Anne style Armchair,
one of a pair.

Approximate dimensions:
39 3/8" H.
17 1/4" W. at back. 22 3/8" W. at front
16 1/8" Deep (front of seat to back)
Wood appears to be walnut.

Beetle damage on various areas evident. Severe damage with resultant structural failure at front of seat frame.   Front, sides, and back of seat appear similer to cellulose sponge where broken/exposed. Tension on seat caning was lifting seat front off/up from front seat rail and had broken seat front near both ends (the ends being restrained by tenons of the seat sides) with losses to wood around break lines.  Joinery of frame was slightly loose.  There were paint transfers and abrasions on several areas and the finish was somewhat dirty.

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