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Circular Koa table with base attributed to Wilhelm Fischer (det. by I. Jenkins)

Measuring approximately: 291⁄2” high x 52” diameter. Accession #: 7582

Areas of concern: Glued joints at leg-to-column on the three legs are loose/movable.
Dents and abrasions across legs and column with major loss on edge bead of one leg/foot. 
A series of gashes exist across the column faces and legs, which are unsightly. 
Paint transfers are on various locations.
Top veneered surface is lightly abraded over two bands due to core structure movement/cupping. Finish appears to be orange shellac over-painted with another resin or varnish.

Treatment: Remove top from column/base assembly, remove legs from column.  Clean mating surfaces and rejoin legs to column with hot hide glue.

Clean table surface with hexanes and water/surfactants on paper toweling to remove wax and other contaminants and paint residues. Fill major losses to bead section of one foot (isolated by a layer of Acryloid B-72®) with an epoxy-bound pigment tinted silica and phenolic microballoon mixture; trim to profile.  Inpaint with light-stable dyes as necessary and seal with orange shellac.  French polish over other abrasions on base.  Lightly French polish top.  Paste wax and polish all.

Treatment Objective:  Lessen unsightly appearance on moldings and overall; seal exposed wood surfaces to prevent further losses and repair loose joinery to prevent failure/breakage.

Octagonal Hawaiian woods inlaid table attributed to William Menzel

Measuring approximately:  30” high x 44 ½” diameter

Areas of concern:  Many of the inlays of the top have shrunken and are loose from secondary wood with one piece separated/removable.
Many of the glue blocks on underside of table have shrunken away from apron and/or table bottom, some of which have been previously “repaired” with inappropriate adhesives. 
One section of apron completely detached.  Sections of applied leg moldings loose or detached. 
One of the three legs is very loose and other two somewhat loose.  Column top loose in mounting assembly.
Finish abraded on various locations. Finish overall is very photo oxidized-degraded/bleached (noted only).

Treatment: Clean/de-wax all finished surfaces (hexanes and water/surfactants on paper toweling). Separate and disassemble top from column.  Reposition and re-glue glue-blocks on underside of top-to-apron and reattach separated apron section as necessary with hot hide glue. Consolidate loosened sections of wood inlays to top with hot hide glue using a bag/vacuum press and cauls as necessary. Consolidate delaminated/loose applied moldings as necessary with hide glue.  Remove legs from column, clean joints and reattach with hot hide glue.  Reassemble all. Lightly French polish over abraded areas, paste wax and polish.

Treatment Objective: Stabilize loose or detached inlays, apron section, corner blocking and applied moldings.


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